Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Stationary stuff and a room make over ! 

Hey there boys and girls! I have some super exciting updates for you!
My room got a pretty little face lift! You wanna see?

Draws are from Ikea, very handy and much roomy! Also matches my colour scheme!

My desk is also from Ikea, the shiny white board at the back is magnetic. Very nifty! There's acentral draw and one, smaller to the left. Beneath it is some cupboard space. So again nice and roomy lots of storage!

So I had been finding my closest hard to climb in and out of, there are still some dresses that have to be hung in there but all in all my clothes are a lot more reachable now! I have ten draws through two chests of five!
One of the smaller draws contains my meds and female products! 
I also have a new bed spread! Four actually, two for home and two for university! That's right this girl is gonna go get her education on!
And what better way to celebrate than new stationary??
First and foremost is my beautiful A5 wide travelers note book, made by the talented GeekyDori on Etsy! This well made beautiful notebook cover is legitimately like containing my whole life, take a look!

The cute muffin part is called a "Dashboard" used as a surface for sticky notes. The first book contains medical, checklists on wellbeing like how far I can walk now so I can track my improvement and my out of term exiestance.

The glitter pink book contains my gratefulness journal, an emergency plan for depression and anxiety and a few other bits and pieces. It is more of a traditional journal.
The third book, the lolly-pop book. This is my academic book, there's two of them. It containsmy Student  log in, place for academic time table and some key thoughts and tips curated through Pinterest and friends.
And of course with any new note book, and new adventure, new stationary is required!

So that's my adventures up till now, I'll catch you guys up later and check out the prosecutor in pink for my university experience

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