Sunday, June 11, 2017

And I'm feeling good!

I just love that song! But it's true, I am feeling good. Why am I feeling good? Well!

First of all my hair is princess pink, and that just makes me elatedly happy. But they changed me back onto my BuTrans patches, so that's great. I also started taking my antihistamines twice a day, ignoring what my doctor said of using a low dose as a rescue med, which to be ho nest just no. I also started a new antinausea medication which I take twice a day and am feeling much better! I got my epinephrine pen refilled, which is a great load off my mind.

I'm still terrified of things food wise, anything could set off a reaction.
My pain is maybe a 6/10 today. For most of us, that's a win. I'll take it from my usually 7-9/10!

Feeling a little more energized than usual, which is nice.

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