Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hustle up!

I learnt a valuable lesson and had a reminder today - my life is still unpredictable. I wanted to go to the beach today with the pup, it was sunny; not warm just sunny. That kind of safe weather where I still needed to bundle up but I could test how well this new medication was really working for me by seeing how far I could walk. 

But my headache had other idea's for me.

my hustle up hustled wayyyyy down.
I've spent the day in bed, in pain, light sensitivity! 

So, new game plan. Because of the rarity that is two weeks free from any appointments what so ever, I made a new game plan. 

One map, three adventures, four hours of driving...

General game plan for tomorrow:

Get up around 9am, grab the pup, blankets, towels, leash, water bottle, pizza. 

I just downloaded some wicked new tunes too! I can't wait, and even if I make it only as far as the first adventure, that's okay. This is my game plan my day and my road trip. But hopefully it's the start of pushing and finding my new limits. 

In other news, I realised there's a lot even in England that I haven't seen; i intend to change that, naturally.

So I make sure I don't leave home without it, and to help you guys out if you think you want to take some trips, I'm going to add a ultimate day trip list to my blog pages! I'll of course be updating it as we go :D 

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