Monday, April 24, 2017

Slimming World Day 1//:://Thoughts

Slimming World Day 1:

Intake -

 2 Relentless Energy Drinks - 12 Syns

Breakfast :
Two slices white bread, toasted - 10 Syns
Four tablespoons of Nutella - 16 Syns

Home made tomato soup - free food

Lasagna Quorn - 6.5 Syns
Salad - Free

Syns - 44.4  - So, I think I failed today. It's the breakfast that did it! 26 syns for breakfast.

Mostly my breakfast was due to having not had a chance to go food shopping yet, so tomorrow will be better. I have soy yogurts and strawberries! I'm also going to be batch cooking some pasta and such so it's ready and easy to eat!

Jaxx and I are taking a break from our training, I just can't really cope with much right now. I'm exhausted and worried and my anxiety is in over drive because I stare at my phone all the time. I don't know what I expect my phone to do.

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